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Resin Fillings 

Resin fillings. Dental care. Dental Office in Hilo, Hawaii. Mauna Family Dental.

What is a resin filing? 


A composite filling is a treatment for a cavity. This type of filling uses a composite resin material to restore your oral health. Composite resin is a material made up of a mixture of different substances, including fine glass and plastic. This type of filling provides an alternative to traditional amalgam fillings.

Why We Only Use Composite Resin Fillings and Not the Silver Amalgam Fillings


If you still have some silver amalgam fillings, then you are not alone, as this material has been used for many decades. However, we choose not to use it here at Mauna Family Dental as modern alternatives are so much better aesthetically, but more importantly, are better for your dental health.

We prefer to use tooth-colored composite resins to restore teeth. This material is strong and hardwearing and can create virtually invisible fillings compared to silver amalgam fillings. Amalgam fillings look dark, and the dark gray color of an amalgam filling can cause the treated tooth to darken and take on a gray appearance that is unsightly. Composite resin fillings match the color of the surrounding tooth. This helps create a more seamless, attractive appearance, compared to amalgam.

Additionally, our dentist will need to remove less healthy tooth structure when preparing your teeth to be filled with a composite resin filling, allowing us to preserve the maximum amount of your tooth. When using a silver amalgam filling, more tooth material must be removed to place it. This can damage the structural integrity of the tooth.

The well placed composite resin material bonds very strongly to your tooth, creating a tight seal that will prevent bacteria from entering your tooth and causing further destruction. This chemical bond helps strengthen the teeth and provides a more secure hold for the filling.

Amalgam fillings contain mercury, and mercury is toxic to humans. Despite the fact that amalgam is considered to be safe and non-toxic, many patients may not be comfortable with a filling that contains mercury.

The mercury and metal alloy used in amalgam fillings is very conductive. This means that teeth treated with amalgam fillings can be more sensitive to heat and cold. Unlike amalgam, composite resin does not flex when it comes into contact with hot or cold and will not change shape under pressure. This is important as continual flexing can cause micro-fractures in teeth, eventually weakening the filled tooth.

Next time you need a filling, then we will ensure your tooth is restored in a way that will preserve its natural strength. If you need an amalgam filling replaced, we can safely remove and dispose of the amalgam before placing a nice new composite resin filling during a single comfortable appointment, so schedule an appointment at Mauna Family Dental today! 

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