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Mauna Family Dental. Improving oral health for the people of East Hawaii

"Dr. Harris squeezed me into her busy schedule when my tooth chipped, she was so sweet and couldn't have been more gentle! My smile is even better than it was before I chipped it thanks to her shaping it perfectly and I'm so grateful."


"Dr. Harris is my favorite dentist of all time! I always hated going to the dentist, because it's painful and I'd always leave feeling swollen and sore.  Dr. Harris, on the other hand, made the experience quite comfortable. She is kind and gentle, but also very thorough and professional. She explained the procedures to me in a way I could understand, and gave me options. My children actually beg me to take htem to the dentist because they enjoyed the expereince so much, and when does that ever happen?!  Haha. I. highly recommend choosing her as the dentist for yourself and your family.

H. Molina

Mauna Family Dental in Hilo

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